Alaska Outdoor & Travel Guides is proud to unveil The Roadside Angler’s Guide, an interactive portal to fishing information on the Alaska road system, offering visitors a comprehensive, factual, and fresh perspective in trip planning, species available, and destinations of this great state. Presented mainly by the book of the same name, The Roadside Angler’s Guide also aims to supply up-to-date and timely information to those interested through its website. Additionally, to bring the “roadside angler” community together, this site features a fishing forum and will host its very own fishing derbies and photo contests for its members and then feature key participants and results for all to view in our gallery section.

With this innovative website now having been launched, we will continue to add on and activate features and information on a weekly basis that may be of benefit to anglers both local as well as visiting. Please check back often for updates and we would sincerely appreciate constructive feedback and ideas to make this site your go-to source for fishing Alaska’s highways and byways. Enjoy!